EsScentially Yours of Monterey Bay
EsScentially Yours of Monterey Bay

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Aromatherapy Consultation - 90 minutes
Consultation includes organic essential oils used during session and closes with a 15-minute Reiki treatment.
Aromatherapy is an ancient science that addresses the whole person, not just the disease or symptom. It utilizes the natural aromatic extracts, called essential oils, found in therapeutic and medicinal herbs, plants and trees.
Your Aromatherapy Consultation includes a brief introduction into the world of aromatherapy and demonstrates how scent can be used to soothe, heal and nurture your well-being. You will be introduced to scents that balance you, energize you, relax you and generally work wonders for your mind, body and spirit. Your consultation is also a discussion of your current state of physical, mental and emotional health, and your goals in improving that state. This discussion will help Kim determine the most beneficial essential oils for you and allow her to create a customized blend of oils* chosen to specifically address your concerns. She will also be able to recommend other alternative health modalities that may be helpful for your specific state. *Customized oil blends not included in consultation fee.
It is not our role to diagnose or prescribe any disease, illness or injured condition of the body. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a medical professional.


Your Aromatherpy Consultation closes with a deeply relaxing 15-minute Reiki Treatment. This is a gentle treatment where you are fully-clothed on a massage table as Kim balances your energy centers for optimum health.