EsScentially Yours of Monterey Bay
EsScentially Yours of Monterey Bay

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Chakra Bracelet - Single, Double, Triple or Five Strands!
Energy-filled Chakra Bracelet

Beautifully hand-beaded and infused with loving Reiki energy, these bracelets are made with Sandalwood Beads to relax and soothe nervous tension and anxiety, Sterling Silver to release negative energy and balance emotions, Swarovski Austrian Crystals with each color representing the major Chakras. Red/Root - physical vitality, stability, courage, patience, success; Orange/Sacral - sexual energy, creativity, passion, endurance; Yellow/Solar Plexus - confidence, personal power, action, laughter; Green/Heart - love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness; Blue/Throat - communication, self-expression; Indigo/Third Eye - concentration, self-knowledge; Violet/Crown - spiritual well-being, connects to higher self. Each bracelet comes with its own gift pouch and description card. What a creative and loving gift! Prices from $26.00!