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Holistic Services
What does "Holistic Services" mean?
A holistic approach includes the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person. Our mental, physical and spiritual bodies must all be in balance for our whole system to be healthy. The following holistic services are intended to assist you in healing and maintaining balance of mind, body & spirit. Call 831-375-1467 to schedule an appointment or for more information!
Sunset Pre-Cognitive Re-Education Session
Release the limiting beliefs and retained emotions that block you from recognizing your own inherent perfection. Using intuitive guidance, Kim can lead you, step by step to let go of these blocks and improve your life. Based on techniques developed by Dr. Rick Moss, Kim uses specifically targeted affirmations, visualizations, energetic clearing techniques and insightful discussion to aid you in freeing the mind of negativity and revealing the magnificent gifts of the Self. ($75)
Aromatherapeutic Consultation - includes 15-minute Reiki Treatment!
Aromatherapy is an ancient science that addresses the whole person, not just the disease or symptom. It utilizes the natural aromatic extracts, called essential oils, found in therapeutic and medicinal herbs, plants and trees. Your Aromatherapy Consultation includes a brief introduction into the world of aromatherapy and demonstrates how scent can be used to soothe, heal and nurture your well-being. ($90) (Click here for more info about your Aromatherapeutic Consultation...)
Reiki Treatment
Pure Reiki sessions are very powerful for pain relief, increasing your energy levels, personal growth or transformation, aid in healing and releasing physical or emotional stress and trauma. It is an intelligent energy and goes where it is needed on all levels of existence - Mind, Body, Spirit. ($80 or bundle of 5/$375) (Click here for more info about your Reiki Treatments...)
Reflexology3 Soleful Pleasures Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology is the ancient art of hand and foot massage. It utilizes reflex points located on the hands and feet that correspond to different areas and organs in the body. By applying pressure to these points, we can effect change throughout the body. Clean, soften and pamper tired or sore feet with this refreshing, energizing, soothing and invigorating foot care treatment that energizes your whole body. ($80) (Click here for more info about your Reflexology Treatments...)
Ayurveda Pulse Ayurvedic Consultation
Ayurveda, practiced in India for the past 5,000 years, is a comprehensive system of holistic healing that focuses on harmony of body, mind and consciousness. Literally translated as the "Science of Life," Ayurveda seeks to understand and correct imbalances and to restore the innate intelligence and harmony of the person. It gives us the insight to understand ourselves and to create balance within and around us. Your Ayurvedic Consultation includes an in-depth health assessment, including pulse and tongue evaluation. Your unique body/mind constitution will be determined and specific areas of imbalance at subtle levels of your physiology detected. A customized program, which can include diet, lifestyle, stress reduction techniques, herbal therapeutics, yoga, aromatherapy and/or other Ayurvedic therapies will be recommended. ($75)
Egyptian Facial - includes 20-minute Reflexology for your feet!
This gentle aromatherapy facial is a soothing, restorative treatment to nourish, hydrate and revitalize your skin and leaves the skin clean, stimulated & receptive. The organic essential oil and clay/enzyme mask is applied while you relax. As it dries, your feet receive a 20-minute reflexology treatment. The mask is then gently removed with soothing hot wet cloths, followed by nourishing oil or lotion to revitalize your face. Great for all skin types. ($90)
Harmony Cones - Ear Candling Treatment
Ear Candling is a gentle, warm and soothing process to balance the ear, nose and throat energy areas. It works on an energetic level and has been used successfully to aid the body in healing itself from sinusitis, ear infections, pink eye, headaches, sore throats, vertigo, migraines and more. ($80)
Shirodhara Shirodhara Treatment - Pure Bliss!
Your SHIRODHARA Treatment begins with a foot massage, then a face and neck massage including marma (pressure) points. Next is the Shirodhara, a unique and profound Ayurvedic treatment where the practitioner guides a continuous gentle stream of warm oil over the third eye center and forehead as you relax lying face up on the massage table. It is this steady, rhythmic flow of oil that calms the mind and induces a blissful state of expanded consciousness. Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, lowers metabolism, stills the brain and especially acts to heal and address the psychological and spiritual aspects of a person. It is ideal for people whose minds are overworked or suffer insomnia because they can't stop thinking. Once the brain is quieted, more life energy, oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain. It effectively alleviates stress, which is the causative factor in many serious diseases. You emerge from this treatment feeling fully refreshed, as if you have just completed a long, deep and blissful meditation. With each successive Shirodhara treatment, the mind systematically achieves an even deeper state of silence and more healing takes place. ($108)